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Elephants: Living Large

Coming in March 2024!

Did you know elephants are the world's largest land animals? Male African elephants can reach ten feet tall and weigh up to 16,500 pounds! These endangered animals are beloved for the massive ears ears, thick skin, and flexible trunks, as well as their remarkable intelligence and empathy. And despite their size, the more you get to know them, the more you'll realize humans and elephants have a lot in common!

A Junior Library Guild Selection



Jason Viola writes comics about mammals and microbes.

Jason began drawing comics soon after he learned how to hold a pencil. Finding inspiration from biology and through the lens of pop culture, the educational books he writes for First Second's Science Comics series teach science with a modern, satiric twist.


A co-founder of the Boston Comic Arts Foundation, Jason lives outside Boston. If you are interested in having him visit your school or attend an event, you can get in touch with him here.

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