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Selected links to Jason's writing on independent comics - long form essays and analytical reviews primarily published on the comics criticism website Festival Season.

My Self and I


Where do you go when you draw yourself? A meditation on autobio comics and splitting of the "I" into literary and authorial selves.

The Mucha Sutra


On the resonance of mindfulness practice in the work of Corinne Mucha, and how she manages to turn anxiety, heartbreak, loss, doubt, and depression into unexpectedly delightful comics.

The RIPE Stuff

event review

A punk aesthetic finds a stately home at Providence's new Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo.

Naked and Afraid (with Pickeled Quail Eggs)


Jesse Jacobs' Safari Honeymoon, a metaphysically-inclined tale of man-vs.-nature, offers an alternative to its own age-old tropes.

Swapping Stories in Basewood


In Alec Longstreth’s fantasy world, an injured amnesiac searching for his past is sheltered by a man hiding from his own.

Sam Alden Rebuilds Astro Boy


In "Patron Saint," Sam Alden alters a crucial detail of a classic story.

Jerel Dye's Suspect Narrator


From the Clouds tells of a benevolent and somewhat doughy alien race that comes to earth to enlighten humanity. But should we believe the tale we're told?

Monster in the Mist

comics review

The hazy world and unknowable inhabitants of Renée French's Baby Bjornstrand.

Inward Odyssey

comics review

The Understanding Monster’s second chapter provides clues to Theo Ellsworth's increasingly intricate puzzle box.

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